Why do we need entrepreneurs?


Fact. 1.5 million people are now unemployed.

Fact. Since 2007, as a nation, we have lost more than 10.5 million jobs.

Fact. The US population has grown by about 25 million people since 2000, and we had to create millions upon millions of new jobs to support the increased population. Instead, we have lost a total of 3 million jobs since 2000.

Fact. There are more than 70 million Gen Y’ers come into the workforce, all under the age of 30 in the next two years.

Fact. In the United States today, the average time needed to find a job has risen to 35.2 weeks.

Fact. 125,000 jobs need to be created each month to get our nation back to 5% unemployment.

Fact. 75% of people want to start their own business someday them.

Some see entrepreneurs as “an essential part” of our economy. They are considered “risk-taking”. Others see them as the “base”. I think entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of the nation.

and from the case above, I do not think it needs a lot of discussion that entrepreneurialism is needed in the coming years.

Without entrepreneurs start a business, it does not work for others. Without entrepreneurs demand for jobs will only increase and supply will only decrease, as seen in our economy today. With 1.5 million people currently unemployed and another 70 million Gen Y’ers come into the workforce, all under the age of 30. Where are they going to work ??

government can not save us from the reduction in jobs. Sure, they can bail us out … for a while, but they will also run out of money. And then what?

We live in a world with 1.5 million unemployed people … why? Because we lack the education, training, and mojo to get out there and actually create jobs instead of challenging them. We are taught to go to school, get a degree, and then someone, somewhere will take care of you by providing you a job with insurance, and health benefits. We live in a world right. We believe that because we go to school, headed off to college, got many degrees, graduation class at the top that it should be granted us wage employment. I hate to break it to you, but it is not always the case. Take a look around. Things are changing.

Am I frowned on education? No, not at all. What I grimaced at the right sense that we have developed. I think it is drowning the human spirit. I think it’s to keep us from unveil what we are really capable of and I think it’s stifling amazing things that are possible if we just step out and make something happen.

entrepreneurialism makes something happen. It does not and it turns into something. It takes what used to work and make it work again by being innovative and creative. Entrepreneurialism is something big. It is not a selfish thing, such as a sense of our world of freedom. It is to solve the problem bigger then himself.

example, if the entrepreneur creates a business that is successful, it will not only satisfy the needs of consumers will continue to buy, but it will also add more and more jobs, create demand for labor. With the increased demand for goods and services, greater demand for labor. Google had only two employees 15 years ago, now it’s thousands of workers in new industries that did not exist 15 years ago. It was created by entrepreneurs.

We can not get out of this debacle that we are in the economy by doing what we have always done. We’ve got to change things up a bit and we’ve got to put a new way to live into action.

our world needs leadership. It requires innovation, creativity, commitment and longevity. Our world needs to be led by a group of people who understand how to take themselves from the inside out and outside in, to establish themselves as “power houses” that are going to build our communities, our nation and our world one person at a time simply by knowing how to use their abilities.

This is seen in the lives of entrepreneurs.

And our world needs more entrepreneurs. Our future depends on it.


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