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Companies that are growing have sources of capital. The capital of a company, of course, comes from the owner or credit. Generally speaking business owners want to take a loan rather than sell all shares in the company, as sales of equity dilutes the ownership position; they have less of the pie! New funds can come from friends and family, venture capital firms and angel investors. These investors are looking to quality management, integrity, owner of a financial stake, and growth potential.

However, in the difficult financial environment many lenders are actually insist that business owners put more of their own money in the company. It’s never an easy answer when it comes to capital or question

When businesses borrow the cost of the funds -. As interest rates on the loans reduces the over-all profits. New equity in the company is of course not reduce the revenue, however, profit is distributed widely and incomes are relatively lower.

borrowing course comes with risks, as these loans must be paid. Business owners sometimes get caught in the trap of financing long-term projects with short-term money – they are at the mercy of having to always roll over debt, and possibly also to see prices go up, sometimes significantly. Also, companies can only carry so much debt, at which point cash flow will be possible if the company in question is the debt.

Now the price is very low for companies that have access to capital. Therefore, in many cases it may make sense to lock in long-term loans in the current attractive rate environment

When the business owner has decided to purse business loans old Boy Scout model works very well -. TO PREAPRED! Business owners who do their homework usually succeed. Lets not forget that the banks and finance companies are really in the business of credit. Of course, insurance, or additional certainly improves the chances of success of financing and the approval of a loan

equity and debt as a source of capital should be used for the right reasons -. Expansion, seasonal businesses, increased inventory and working capital will increase sales. Funds needed to address business failures such as poor management, financial losses, declining sales, etc are very hard to come by!

In short, business owners should carefully consider the positive and negative effects of additional debt or equity capital. Once they have made an informed decision, either on your own or with a trusted business advisor, they should consider the cost of capital and how it is best achieved.


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