Retirement is not an end, entrepreneurialism is


Most working men and women over the age of 50 start thinking about retirement, and many start planning for it. They do their due diligence on the investment strategy, positioning itself well in their companies, review their estate planning, and so on. While each individual step in retirement planning among itself is sound advice, the key question to ask in this transitional phase in their lives is: “What is the goal?”

I would ask anyone planning to retire, including those already in retirement, what they’ll get out of it. Is it relaxation? It’s more golf? Is it travel more? Is it time to spend with family and friends? Is it a move to reduce stress? How about all of the above?

A lot of times, especially in this economic situation, the decision to retire was made for people by their employers. Many are forced to take early retirement as their businesses scale back their workforce to reduce costs. And high their salary requirements make it difficult to find gainful employment elsewhere, many people choose to retire or at least take a break until the economy bounces back.

Whatever the reason is common wisdom that the longer away from highly technical or executive work, the harder it is to perform this work at the same level. Not only is exercise reduced the fields themselves are always evolving, requiring improved education to return to that type of work. At this point, a year or two in retirement, people do not enjoy spending time and money on retirement education for work that may not be waiting for them.

The worst part of all this is the toll retirement takes on self-esteem. After only a few years of retirement, the thrill of travel and daily golf disappeared, and the feeling of self worth incomplete sets. And former executive, military officer, or technical supervisor who spent decades leading and teaching hundreds of people to give their best, to feel that they can no longer contribute to society can be devastating. Couple this with the kids tend to communicate less with their parents after they retire, and retirement will be much less desirable. In fact, it is precisely the feeling of accomplishment and worth to others, but a lot of people working well into their 80s, and no money.

What if there was a way to keep all the benefits of retirement while maintaining a strong and positive sense of self-worth? What if you can still travel, play golf, visit friends and family and do all the things you always dreamed of doing when you retire, while still being able to lead, mentor and coach others to success?

Well, it’s way, proven way, it is not retirement.

Retirement is not an end, entrepreneurialism is. The thrill of starting a home based business is refreshing. Prospects should be a source of leadership for many entrepreneurs is exciting. Benefits of profitability when properly developed and managed is astounding. A person planning to retire has not lost value in the community. On the contrary, so that companies, whether alternative or not, it is the best thing anyone over 50 can do. The goal in life, especially in America, is the transition from a “reward” system “profit” system. Profits system, or the holding company, is the only system that true wealth is generated, and true happiness is achieved.

But do not go running off and blow $ 500,000 on brick and mortar franchise! There are legitimate companies that build the Internet that has absolutely nothing to do with multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, or affiliate programs selling lotions, potions and pills. Do your due diligence as you normally would to something important (like the decision to retire), and you will soon find your business online that you can run from home for a few hours per week to use existing skills and allows you to become leader and mentor to hundreds if not thousands of people.

would never “tested” business online. Create a list of questions and make sure they are all answered to your satisfaction. So when you are involved in business, work it like a business and not a hobby. You understand this principle better than most, but it does not hurt to reiterate it here. Look for a company that does not require Internet skill up front, and provides an incredible amount of training. Make sure that you fully understand the compensation package and that it lines up with your personal needs. Make sure you sign up online business model that allows you to personally brand yourself as a leader so that people are driven to you as a mentor and not a company that product.

Retirement is not the goal. Retirement restricts your ability to positively affect the lives of others. Are simple yet perfectly principled Internet business where you are the essence is the key to getting all the benefits of retirement, with the added advantage of residual income and a source of true happiness for you and your family.


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