Market Entrepreneurs and Political Entrepreneurs


What is an entrepreneur? Well, in the United States are two types of highly successful entrepreneurs. There is a market innovator it is a political entrepreneur. Market entrepreneur makes money on the open market by comparing the lowest price and the best quality and service to its customers and consumers. The market pioneer wins markets and beat out the competition because they are better and more effective.

political entrepreneur uses influence with the government through various methods such as lobbying, political contributions campaign and network with government officials to either win government contracts and make money or use that influence to get the government to make new rules and regulations, and it is an industry.

Political entrepreneur will also use his influence to get the government bureaucratic regulatory agencies at all levels of government to attack his competition. There is a large difference in market entrepreneurs and political entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, genuine Capitalism get clobbered by political entrepreneurs government coaxing constantly attack the market entrepreneurs.

economy and the free market and capitalism for that matter works better with the most efficient companies to compete on an equal basis as consumer and buyer vote with their dollars for the best products and services at the best possible price. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, it’s just something wrong with the way it is used in the United States of America. You could do much better.


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