Entrepreneurialism – The Job Description


Wanted: Unique to take a simple idea and use it to create a viable business

Qualified candidate will have the ability to catch the vision and run with it without supervision of an advisory board

Qualified candidate may have special training in this idea, but it is not mandatory, but this same candidate must be flexible and willing to adapt to the rugged training.

This job requires very long hours and a huge learning curve.

This position is initially expected candidates to fill a supervisory role, nor would the candidate be required to notify the division of executive Director.

winner should be able to withstand a certain amount of solitude and be able to take decisions that need no release indecisiveness.

This position requires someone willing to ride a bike blindfolded. While this is not a real need of work it is necessary vision for the applicant to understand the living conditions from time to time.

present our business is insufficient to explain how a candidate can successfully move from a dream conception to the opening of business, but the candidate will nevertheless be needed to move the business forward.

Benefits are not this position in the traditional sense. All profits from taking this job will be the sole responsibility of the winner.

Start up capital will also be the responsibility of the applicant. In fact, all risks will be the sole responsibility of men and women selected for this job.

If you believe you may be the right candidate for this position, please respond at your earliest convenience. Please send a letter to the entrepreneurial initiative.

Does this sound like the kind of work you would readily apply? Probably not, especially when the idea is someone elses. We do not want to take the risk for some other and we would not make the effort required to start a business from conception forward without any interest in the outcome.

This description is, however, very close to every entrepreneur faces when they have an idea that just will not leave them alone. Unbelievable amount of time is poured into developing the concept. Every spare dollar is used in making a dream come to life.

We will make ourselves what we would never do for others. This is the heart and soul of entrepreneurialism. We laugh classified ad above, but this is exactly what is required of every entrepreneur on the way to a dream come true

Maybe you have the right stuff – .. Maybe you should apply for a job


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