Entrepreneurialism – How to Get Your Start Up Capital Without the money borrowed from the bank


Most start-up entrepreneurs always complain about the start-up capital but all you have to do is be creative in your approach and seek creative ways that you can start your business, which are as follows

immediate family

The fist place to consider is your immediate family. Parents are rich or you have brothers or sisters who could give you a start-up capital, what about your aunt and uncle you must first consider the family before other sources because the answer might just be in front of you


saving the actual money that you have held for a particular purpose. You should ask yourself whether your savings will be enough to start a venture.


Another way to get start-up capital for your business is through a friend or relation. Make a list of all your friends and friends determine who will be able to give you money from the list and fix on your decision.


Another way to get money for your business is a partnership. you have an idea but no money, but you know someone who has the resources or capital then all you have to do is to go into partnership with such a person and sign a memorandum of understanding between the two of you.

provide services

You can also provide services that you know people need and charge for it. the idea is that the money you make from your service to others can later use to start your business.


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