Entrepreneurialism: Action on Wikipedia Four Step


According to Wikipedia, “An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes and operates a new business or project and assumes some responsibility for the inherent risks. In connection with the establishment of for-profit companies, the entrepreneur is often synonymous with founder.”

Let’s see if we can break this definition down into bite-sized chunks.

entrepreneurs Undertaker

This concept represents a certain amount of initiative that drives a person to do something tangible with the idea they have conceived. This initiative is related to business startup.

Entrepreneur operator

This term is a sign that a person willing to get in the thick of things and develop the business from the perspective of the operator and the market. In fact, the entrepreneur must be willing to do everything necessary to manage the business they are trying to develop.

initiator and accountability

Entrepreneur understands that the buck stops with them. They are willing to be responsible in the development and affairs of the company.

Entrepreneur as Risk taker

There will always be a risk that business startups will fail, but the risk an entrepreneur puts forward can also lead to profitable business. Entrepreneur understands the risks and decide to proceed despite the risks.

entrepreneur as founder

In connection with the successful business start-up entrepreneur is listed as the founder of the company. This person did what it took to move an idea from their thought process to fruition. This is hard work and, if successful, their name will always be associated companies. Some may consider this to be part of the heritage of the individual; certainly it can be a high point in the work history of the individual.

It is the joy that comes with entrepreneurialism. The road can be difficult and you may need to get creative in solving problems you never come up, but you’re in the moment, the quintessential entrepreneur. You have chosen to take the initiative to run a business. You have decided to be responsible for all stages of business start-up and you recognize and accept the risks involved in business development.

entrepreneurialism is not for the faint of heart, but for those who walk through the various listed above is an incredible amount of satisfaction to know that the work you have done will not only benefit you and your family, and customers who will benefit from the product or service you provide.


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