Business Evaluation and Goal Planning


It is important to pay close attention to your business and evaluate what is and is not working for you. Smart business owners organize to review their business at least once a year. If you have employees, involve them in the process. Ask for feedback, suggestions and new ideas. You might be surprised at what they have to contribute

The following are some questions to help you evaluate your business and plan for growth.?:

* What went well this year

* What did not work so well?

* What areas of my I want to grow in the coming year?

* What are three specific actions that I can make to growth happen?

* Where I spend my time on my business? (It might be helpful to keep track of a few days.)

* How can I better manage my time (on the order, outsourcing, minimizing liabilities, etc.)?

* What is the perfect my vision for my business?

* What specific actions do I take to get my business to the next level?

* What are the limits of ten (or twenty or thirty!) I will put my business in the coming year?

Once you have answered these questions, put your goals in writing. Something magical happens when you commit your goals on paper – they actually get the game! Post established targets next to the table to serve as a constant reminder to stay focused. Entrepreneurs are notorious for changing direction so if you do, simply review your goals and make the necessary changes. With a solid plan in place, you’ll pave your way to success!


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