3 Ways to become an entrepreneur even if you work for someone else


I’ll bet you’ve known people who are very successful in their work, even if they work for someone else. Perhaps the hairdresser working in the salon someone else, but over time a person has lived for more for than anyone else in the salon and has a good reputation around town. Perhaps one administrative assistant and you notice that the office she manages apparently responding to requests faster than the other offices in the organization. There is finally a name for this type of person, and the name is intrapreneur. Intrapreneurs thrive and are very successful in the organization. They like having organized system, and they do not want to assume the risk. But they add value beyond their job description says. They improve the system, customer service well, or are very creative to solve the problem within the confines of what the organization does.

Many entrepreneurs hone their skills within the organization before you go out on your own. I did, and I know hundreds of others who have done the same. Trust built by working with structure encourages some employers to decide to leave the building – they will be willing to take the risk themselves. If you are intrapreneur now, and you’ve decided that you want to leave the organization and do it yourself, here are three ways to make it work.

1. Start collecting at least 10% of the money so you will be able to monetize new business when you go out on your own. In other words, the tithe to yourself. Keep your job while you build funds to carry you through the first months of the soon-to-be business.

2. Develop a “leave 9-5 work program”. Set the date and then start to work through the details. Build a plan for a new business, for sure, but also to build the plan. Two plans should be seamless and supports each other.

3. Start an informal advisory you and your new business. This may include supportive family members, friends, other successful entrepreneurs, or coach. Share your plans and receive feedback.

There are dozens of other ways to help you in order to become an entrepreneur. But these three things are a great start and will give you structure. As intrapreneur, you are used to structure. Make it and take it with you, and you will be firmly on the path to success.


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